Top Cool Gadgets for a 60 Year Old Man

You've probably seen the men's electric shaver, the GPS, and other popular gadget gift ideas for men.  The problem is, older guys may already have the usual luxury gadgets.  What a 60 year old man is less likely to have are these truly cool and excellent quality items that make perfect 60th birthday presents.

You won't find every type of mechanical and electronic gadget for guys here.  Rather than offer an exhaustive list, I've chosen a select list of some of the best cool gadgets for men that are also affordable.

Coast LED Lenser Flashlights 
Coast LED Lenser HP8407 Focusing LED Flashlight P7The LED Lenser Flashlights, engineered in Germany and distributed in the U.S. by Coast, are unmatched in quality.  They are state-of-the-art and will impress your man of sixty years with their brightness and the quality of the focus.  Extremely handy for a multitude of purposes, this compact 5.5 inch flashlight runs on just 3 AAA batteries but packs a powerful punch, with a 200 lumens output and a maxiumum beam distance of 689 feet (over twice the length of a football field.)

Leatherman Wave Multitool
Leatherman 830040 New Wave Multi-Tool with Nylon SheathThe Leatherman Wave is more than a stainless steel pocketknife; it's a compact pocket survival tool with 18 tools.  Any man turning 60 who has an ounce of a desire to fix something will grab this Leatherman tool, stuff it in his pocket, and keep it there.  That's certainly what my husband, the original fix-it man, does with his!  Great at home, in the shop, on the road, or in the wild.  If you doubt the quality, be assured that Leatherman doesn't:  It comes with a 25-year limited warranty.

Top 60th Birthday Gadget Gift: Kindle eBook Reader
If he doesn't already have a Kindle, and if he's a tech-gadget kind of man who already owns everything else, absolutely get him one for his 60th birthday.  He'll be impressed at the quality of the screen, which mimics print on paper surprisingly well.  The latest Kindle, available starting August 27, 2010, boasts of a 50% greater contrast than any other e-reader on the market.  Smaller and light enough for one-handed reading, with a whopping one-month battery life per charge, this gadget stores up to 3,500 digital books.  Extra includes 3-G Wireless in a hundred countries and Wi-Fi.

Digital Photo Frame - Family Man Birthday Gift Idea
 ViewSonic VFM1024W-11 10-Inch Digital Media Frame -Features Music, Video and Photos with High Resolution 1024x600 (Cherry wood) If he's big on family, the kind of guy who's bursting with pride of his wife, kids, grandchildren, nephews, nieces or even pets and other assorted lovable entities in his life, then he's probably a photo hound.  Bet he doesn't already have one of these photo frames!  A digital photo frame is the easy way to store and display photographs and will hold thousands of pictures.  Many are video capable and have extras like clock alarm, audio, and even wireless.

Cheap Gift Suggestion: Electric Knife Sharpener for a Man Who Likes Cooking
Even a cheap knife sharpener can make a wonderful, thoughtful gift for a man who's handy in the kitchen.  He can revitalize his dull kitchen knife collection with these sharpeners whose prices ranges fit your budget.
Presto Pro EverSharp Electric Knife SharpenerChef's Choice 320 Diamond Hone Knife SharpenerAccuSharp 001 Knife Sharpener

More of the Best Gadget Gifts for 60 Year Old Men
From a wireless weather center to an electric wine opener, to a portable nutrition tracking device or grill light, to an incredibly convenient laptop stand or awesome USB microphone, he'll go crazy for his man-friendly gift.

Men age 60 and up who like to putter around in the garden will love the garden hose digital water timer.

Is he always jotting down notes or drawings?  He may appreciate this amazing digital writing pad, which needs no computer but lets him upload his notes and sketches to a computer.  Check out the cool gadgets below for more gift suggestions.