Funny Gag Birthday Gifts for 60 Year Old Men

Elope Birthday Cake Over the Hill HatNot all 60th birthday joke gifts for men are over-the-hill gifts - not that there's anything wrong with those.  Whether you're looking for a funny gift for a male coworker, colleague or associate with a sense of humor who's turning sixty, or you just want to tease your dad, husband, brother, male friend or other man on his milestone birthday - while at the same time making him feel good about reaching his "advanced" age, of course - here's a great selection of tongue-in-cheek presents for his sixtieth.

Gag Book Gifts for a 60-Year-Old Man
You're Only Old Once! A Book for Obsolete ChildrenWhat You Don't Know About Turning 60: A Funny Birthday QuizWhat You Don't Know About Turning 60 is a great funny birthday gift for a man turning 60.  This "pop quiz" tests whether a guy is qualified to be turning the big six-oh.  There are seven categories, including romance, health, family, fashion, aging, recreation, and nostalgia.  One question on the quiz is "What do the following words bring to mind:  Free Refills."  The answer...."If you said coffee, you're probably under 60. If you said a good prescription drug plan, you're probably 60 or older."  The author, Phil Witte, is a humorist and a lawyer.

1,000 UNFORGETTABLE SENIOR MOMENTS: Of Which We Could Remember Only 2461000 Unforgettable Senior Moments: Of Which We Could Remember Only 246 is classic...witty and hilarious, author Tom Friedman cycles through history to find funny moments when famous people forgot important things.  It's enough to make any senior in training feel better about growing older.

Over the Hill Birthday Gifts for a Man Age 60
Over the Hill Tool Belt Survival KitOkay, let's get it out of the way.  I've picked through the over-the-hill presents to find the best ideas for a 60 year old man.   These include the Over the Hill Tool Belt Survival Kit which features some of the worst puns (guaranteed to make you groan) and the funny book, brand new in June 2010, You Know You're 60 When... which comes either in paperback or a Kindle edition.  (And if you're really nice to him and willing to shell out the bucks, you'll get him a Kindle eBook reader to go with it - and if he's been extra-good, a large screen Kindle, for whose screen the ebook edition is optimized.)

Wine Themed Gag 60th Birthday Gifts
This funny 60th birthday wine glass is a tasteful, not to mention hilarious, gag gift for a guy and perfect for toasting at his party.  Embossed with a pretend wine label with the words:  
Product of 6 Decades
Sixty Plus
Classic Vintage
Fully Matured & Well Blended

Laid Back Old Whiney Cork Screw, 60 and Still Screwin
The Laid Back Old Whiney Corkscrew is a nice gift for a laid back young 60-year-old man.  And the Instant Youth Wine Bag promises "Instant Youth...just add wine."  

Of course, if he's more into beer than wine, while you're at it, why not add on the Laid Back Ale-ing Old Fart Beer Stein?

60th Birthday Funny T-Shirt Gifts

Many of the tee shirts in this section are in small, medium, large, XL, and XXL, and some even go up to size XXXL.  These are tee shirts he's not likely to throw out, but will keep as mementos of the day he turned sixty.

For your husband or boyfriend, get the I'm Too Sexy to Be 60 T-shirt  to show him that he's still hot! And if he knows it...try the Damn I Look Good tee.

The Really Cool 60 Year Old T-Shirt is a funny birthday present for an all-round nice guy, bearing the saying, "This is what a really cool 60 year old looks like."   

If the man turning 60 likes tongue in cheek humor, get him the I Demand a Recount T-shirt.

Or try the T-shirt in military green, 60 and My Kids Still Can't Keep Up With Me.

And if he's a birthday boy with an attitude, the I'm 60, What's Your Excuse? tee is a great 60th birthday gag gift idea.  If he has an attitude and he's still as handsome as ever...It Took Me 60 Years to Look This Good

And if he's got real attitude to rival somebody one fourth his age, try the T-shirt for guys that gives the year "sixty" the middle finger.

A gloom-and-doom sort of man will like the straightforward 60 Sucks t-shirt gift.