Artistic Gifts for a 60 Year Old Woman: What to Get a Creative Older Female

Women 60 years of age and older can't be grouped into one type, of course - some are creative, some aren't.  But if your mom, wife, friend, coworker, client or colleague enjoys art  - either making it or looking at it - she'll love these wonderful gifts designed to celebrate her appreciation of aesthetics.  What's more, these presents are general enough to be suitable for an older creative woman no matter what her taste in art, which makes them perfect for the woman who knows what she likes - and doesn't like!

Polish Pottery for Creative Creators 

Enduring, strong, and her.  Polish pottery is more than artistic, elegant dishware; it's durable, practical, and one of the most exquisite quality gifts you can give.

Your author owns the bowl shown here. It is more lovely in person than in pictures and the perfect size for personal large salads (such as the kinds your author enjoys).  The pattern for the bowl is #238 and more easily seen on this teapot.

If you have never given Polish pottery as a gift, do beware. You may find you do not want to give it away once you hold it in your hands.  It also may be habit-forming, as your author has learned.

Art Book Gift for an Artsy Woman
Art: Over 2,500 Works from Cave to ContemporaryArt: Over 2500 Works from Cave to Contemporary is a stunning 612-page book bursting with reproductions of Western and Eastern art.  It's simultaneously a reference work and visual survey of art history.  If she's a connoisseur, she'll love paging through, recalling some of her favorite works and discovering new ones.  If she's a professional artist, she'll find it a handy reference.  And if she has grandchildren, she'll love sitting down and teaching them about the different periods and styles of art in the various regions of the world.

For the Woman Who Loves Eastern Art
Art of Vietnam (Temporis Collection)
The Art of Vietnam, co-written by an art curator and historian and a consultant for Christies specializing in eastern art, is not a huge "coffee table book" that's all photos and glossy pages and no information.  It's a illustrated survey of Vietnamese art that takes the reader chronologically through the history and culture of Vietnam.  She'll love reading and browsing the pages of this unusual gift book.  Couple it with Painters in Hanoi for a fascinating glimpse into Vietnam's past and present.

For the Female Starving Artist
Beautiful Sweets Peace Organic Cookies, 16 CookiesThe Beautiful Sweets Organic Peace Cookies are perfect for a creative woman age 60+ who's hard to buy presents for.  These delicious, exquisitely decorated sugar cookies have a "peace" theme straight out of the 1960s.  The set includes 4 cookies of 4 different styles - or scale them up or down for different quantities and more or fewer patterns.  And check out more cookies with a wide variety of other themes, from "cheers" wine glass cookies to coffee lover treats to holiday-themed sugar cookies for a truly unusual - and utterly edible - gift your creative female family member, friend, colleague, or neighbor will truly enjoy.
Beautiful Sweets Birthday Girl Organic Cookies, 8 CookiesBeautiful Sweets Coffee Organic Cookies, 4 CookiesBeautiful Sweets Cats Organic Cookies, 16 CookiesBeautiful Sweets Lighthouse Organic Cookies, 16 Cookies

Artistic Coasters - Chinese Design
Chinese Folk Art / Chinese Gifts / Chinese Home Decor: Chinese Coasters - Chinese Folk / Peasant Paintings (Set of 5)
These Chinese Peasant Painting Folk Art coasters are images from the popular and colorful Huxian watercolor artwork.  They are gorgeous and festive and make the perfect artistic gift for her birthday, Christmas, or any celebration.

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