60th Birthday Limericks, Poems and Haiku for Toasts, Cards and Speeches

Here are some 60th birthday poems for the enjoyment of women and men celebrating their milestone birthday.  These are original poems, haiku, limericks, rhymes and verses.  Some are funny joke verses that can be used for gag birthday greetings or humorous toasts and speeches at the party, others are serious and meaningful.

This poetry is available for personal use only - you can use it in your non-commercial greeting cards, parties, speeches, and party invitations.

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60th Birthday Poems for Greeting Cards, Toasts and Speeches

The Grand Young Age (A Personalized Birthday Poem)

This poem makes a great birthday toast to the birthday man or woman who's a coworker, employee, wife, husband, friend or family member!

60 is a grand young age
It didn't happen fast
But after waiting patiently
It's come to you at last.

What exactly does it mean
To reach the big six oh?
It's scary, wonderful and new!
But you'll be glad to know

You are not alone, oh, no
For some of us have seen
Age sixty come and go so fast
We've hardly known it's been.

Same with thirty, forty, and
Oh, yeah, the big five oh -
Remember how it seemed so old?
And that was long ago!

Not to say you're getting old
No more than other folks
For sixty's no more ancient
Than some of my own jokes (for this line, you can use a 2-syllable name of anyone appropriate the birthday person knows - like "Than some of Peter's jokes" or even "Than some of his old jokes" while pointing to the person.)

Here's to your big day, my friend (or my dear, or my love, or my wife, etc.)
Enjoy it while it's here
Because you'll have to wait ten years
For your next milestone year.

Thinking back on sixty you'll
Turn back that mental clock
The grand young age will seem so nice
And seventy a shock.

"I was really limber then,"
You'll say to everyone.
See, sixty is the prime of life
At least, from this point on.

Sweet Sixty (non-rhyming poem, good for greeting cards)

If sixty is the new forty
Then forty is the new twenty And twenty is...slightly young.
Which would make sixty middle aged.

If sixty is middle aged,
Then eighty is getting up there,
And a hundred is...slightly old.
The point is, sixty is now here.

Sixty is here, and that's that.
No different from fifty-nine or sixty-one.
Except it's sweet. Sweet and good.
And I wouldn't change it, even if I could.

60th Birthday Limericks - Touching and Funny Verse for a Party, Invitation, or Speech

60th Birthday Limerick #1 for Women
A lady who turned sixty years
Had to laugh at her paranoid fears
It wasn't much worse
Than losing a purse
And finding it, after some tears.

60th Birthday Limerick #2 for Men
A guy of a certain young age
Turned sixty and felt very sage
He offered advice
To "eat whole brown rice
In public, and chocolate backstage."

60th Birthday Limerick #3 for Men or Women
There once was a guy who swore
He'd never make fifty-four
Well, six years passed
And now, when asked
He swears he won't make twenty more.
(Personalize: Adapt this limerick to females by replacing "guy" with "gal" and "he" with "she."

60th Birthday Limerick #4 - Gender Neutral
There once was a sixty year old
Who played poker but never would fold
"My hand is too great!
I'll raise you - yes, eight!
And every bluff ended with gold!

60th Birthday Limerick #5 - for Women or Men
There was a young lady of fifty
Who thought birthday gifts should be thrifty
But when asked what she wanted
At sixty, undaunted
She said "A small truck would be nifty."  
(Personalize: You can replace "a small truck" with a luxury item your birthday girl would love to have - like "Faberge" or "a gold watch" or "a small Jeep" or "Tiffany lamps."  Also this limerick can be adapted for men by changing "lady" to "fellow" and "she" to "he.")

60th Birthday Limerick #6 - for Men or Women
There was a young fellow named Bill
Who thought he was over the hill
But when he walked on
He was standing upon
A mountain that went higher still.
(Personalize: Adapt for women by replacing "fellow" with "lady" and "Bill" with "Jill" and "he" with "she.)

60th Birthday Limerick #7 - for Men
There once was a man with gray hairs
Who tripped while sitting in chairs
"It's your fault!" he'd say
and shave off the gray
And baldly head for the stairs.

60th Birthday Limerick #8 - for Women
There once was a gal in a crowd
Who shouted out, "Sixty and proud!
"No point being coy,
"I took 'em with joy
"And I'll take sixty more, if allowed!"

60th Birthday Haiku Poetry
Traditional Japanese haiku isn't just poetry of 5 syllables / 7 syllables / 5 syllables.  The form also uses double meanings such as puns and rich metaphorical imagery from nature and culture.  Some can be quite funny.

Haiku #1
Sixty flowers bloom
In a bed of great wisdom
With a few loose springs

Haiku #2
Sixty years ago
A girl (or "boy" for guys) came into the world
My, you sure have changed!

Haiku #3
The sixtieth year
Only you and I will know
This is the fifth time

Haiku #4
Sixty miles speeding
The cops have not caught me yet
No point braking now

Haiku #5
Sixtieth birthday
Deep dark icy depression
Cat sat on the cake

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