Birthday Book Gifts for a Woman Turning 60

A woman turning sixty will love a book gift - or even a thematic trio of books - in honor of her birthday, especially if it's one that hits the right note of humor, wisdom and fun.  All in all, I think that book gifts make ideal birthday presents.  They're inexpensive.  They're classy.  They're functional and aesthetic, both.  They're personal, but not too personal - so they're great as coworker gifts.  There are so many choices, too.  Books are a gift that will be treasured by a wife, mother, sister, female coworker or friend while not taking up too much space in the recipient's house! 

Here are nonfiction as well as fiction recommendations in celebration of the 60th year of a woman's life.

Suddenly Sixty And Other Shocks Of Later LifeSuddenly Sixty and Other Shocks of Later Life by Judith Viorst and illustrated by Laurie Rosewald is a funny, emotionally resonant book of verses that will charm the birthday girl and enrich her life with thoughts about turning 60.  From health to romance to grandchildren to the economics of retirement,  these poems capture the experience and implications of this milestone year.  Viorst is a popular mainstream and children's author whose wit shines through everything she writes.

A Time of Our Own: In Celebration of Women over SixtyA Time of Our Own: In Celebration of Women over Sixty makes a sensational gift book possessed of special meaning for a woman reaching the age of 60 and entering the "third trimester" of life.  This well-researched book about women in their senior years uses the results of interviews and personal insights to explore female experiences of health, finance, career, and other matters related to getting older as a woman in the modern age.

When I Grow Up I Want to Be 60When I Grow Up I Want to Be 60 is a blast and acknowledged by reviewers as a wonderful 60th birthday gift.  Funny, filled with wry wit and honesty about turning sixty, this Wendy Reid Crisp selection is the perfect "girl power" book for a woman's 60th.  With quotes from famous female celebrities, creative analagies (such as likening an aging woman to an aging car), and other vignettes, Crisp offers something for every woman who refuses to retire into obscurity as she reaches this milestone age.

Doing Sixty and Seventy
The indomitable Gloria Steinem, famous feminist and founder of Ms. magazine, shares her "aging is okay" philosophy and personal reminiscences in Doing Sixty and Seventy.  Not just for liberation activists, this slim book containing two of Steinem's essays makes a great present for any intelligent 60-year-old woman who is thoughtful, philosophical or unapologetic about getting older.  It is a short book, so you'll probably want to pair it with a couple of other books above to make a well-rounded gift trio.

Jennifer Crusie Four-Book Set: Tell Me Lies, Crazy For You, Welcome To Temptation, Fast WomenFor fiction lovers, the Jennifer Crusie Four Book Set is a wonderful collection of contemporary women's fiction - romance fiction, that is, but not your average romance fiction.  Crusie's real, mature characters speak to anyone from age 40 up and her sense of humor will have the birthday girl laughing hysterically (especially the chocolate brownie scene in Tell Me Lies).  This "feel good" set of books is a great pampering gift to give in conjunction with a 60th birthday gift basket.

Out to Pasture but Not over the HillOut to Pasture: But Not Over the Hill is a charming  Effie Leland Wilder novel written in pretend memoir format and set in a retirement home.  Although the main character is well over sixty, your birthday girl doesn't have to be a senior citizen to find joy, sentiment, and humor in this well received fiction book with over 14 five-star ratings at