60th Birthday Gift Baskets for a Woman

Gift baskets, boxes and sets make an ideal gift for a woman turning 60 when you aren't quite sure what to get her, either because she has specific tastes, expensive tastes, or everything she wants already.  Rarely exorbitantly expensive, usually affordable, most gift baskets fit moderate budgets.

There are four kinds of gift sets for the milestone year of 60:  Spa baskets for women, gourmet food birthday baskets, nostalgia gift baskets with a 60th birthday theme, and gag over-the-hill gift baskets.

So Serene Peony In Bloom Spa Bath and Body Gift BasketA luxury spa set or birthday gift basket make great birthday gifts for female coworkers.  Gifts of food and luxurious aromatherapy sets are always welcome. This gorgeous and classy So Serene Peony in Bloom Spa Bath and Body Gift Basket will go over beautifully at a time when she's probably just a little stressed.  The peony scent of the bubble bath, bath salts, gel and lotion comes with everything from spa slippers to sponge and poof - everything she needs to relax after the party's over.

Grand Ghirardelli Chocolate Gift Basket The popular Grand Ghirardelli Chocolate Gift Basket will impress a chocolate loving woman of a certain age.  Featuring chocolate made famous all over the world after its humble San Francisco start, this attractive basket comes stuffed with truffles, mints, a chocolate bar, cocoa mix, and more.  Perfect for connoisseurs.

And then - you knew it was coming - there's the traditional over-the-hill gift baskets, fabulous for parties.  If she's got a good sense of humor and can laugh at herself, she'll adore the Over the Hill Kit "Don't Cry" Birthday Gift Set, a gently humorous set including fortune cookies, a party hat, a gag coupon book, a coffee mug, plus treats like pretzels, caramel corn and cookies.

Over the Hill Kit "Don't Cry" Birthday Gift Set Over The Hill Gourmet Food Gift Bag Tote - Birthday Gift BasketOver The Hill Coffin Gift Box Set - Birthday Gift Basket
For a pure gag gift, try the Over the Hill Coffin - and make sure she opens it at her birthday party, so she'll get "buried" in laughter.  More silly than macabre, but truly original is the Over-the-Hill Tombstone Gift Tote made of paperboard.  The saying goes that 60 is the new 40, so she'll be able to appreciate the tongue-in-cheek humor - not to mention the wide selection of gourmet candies and goodies.

60th Birthday Gift Basket Box of Retro Candy - Jr.Happy 60th Birthday Celebration Gift Basket of Retro CandyFor a woman who has a great sense of humor, plus something of a sweet tooth, on her 60th birthday, retro candy gift boxes make the perfect present.  She'll appreciate the nostalgia factor of this gift box filled with sweets from around the year of her birth...you know, way back when.  These are some of the more affordable gift sets, as well.